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Software, Tools and Driver

LinMon - Lin Bus Monitor v2.10beta

LinMon product image

The LinMon software includes a comprehensive set of functions. In Spy mode, the complete LIN traffic can be recorded and visualized. The master mode turns the PC into a LIN master. By integrating a LDF, signals can be sent to LIN slaves within a very short time.

SmartLIN Bit Time Tool v0.9.8.0beta

SmartLIN Bit Time Tool product image

The SmartLIN Bit Time Tool is used to determine the correct preset values ​​for SmartLIN series products. This makes it possible to set almost all bit-time combinations for SynchBreak and Delimiter within the specified limits.

SmartLIN Configuration Direct Link Library

SmartLIN Cfg. DLL product image

The SmartLIN Configuration Direct Link Library is a dynamic programming library that, like the SmartLIN Bit Timing Tool, is used to determine the correct preset values ​​for SmartLIN products and can be integrated into any existing software project. An automated determination of the correct settings of the desired bit-time combination of SynchBreak and Delimiter is given with this DLL!

The SLCONFIG Programmer's Guide (AN_121) describes the API of the SmartLIN Configuration DLL.

SmartLIN-USB Virtual Communications Port Treiber

SmartLIN VCP driver product image

Driver for SmartLIN-USB modules from ASiKS-Engineering. The driver sets up a virtual COM port in the system. 


Supported operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

LPT-Switch V2.0 Module Toolkit

SmartLIN VCP driver product image

Toolkit for ASiKS-Engineerings' LPT-Switch V2.0 Moduls. Download includes besides others latest driver, bootloader application as well as latest firmware.

Bootloader Application:

Firmware Version:

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