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LPT-Switch Module

Item No.: 128755


The ASiKS Engineering LPT Switch Module is a "low current time switch module" with a wide range of applications.
Particularly in the field of battery-backed systems, the LPT switch can be used to control wake periods. With its low self-consumption of only 490μA, the LPT switch enables the use of significantly higher power devices in battery-based systems.

Further information can be found in the data sheet.

  • Ultra low power time switch module with a wide range of applications
  • Supply voltage: 8 - 14V
  • Switching capacity: 4A
  • Current consumption: 490μA @ 12V (sleep phase)
  • Infinitely adjustable time intervals: 50s to 3000s
  • Timer accuracy: 1% (typ.)
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Dimensions: 54mm x 55.3mm x 24.4mm
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