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SmartSolarPower Module

Item No.: 132610


The SmartSolarPower module combines intelligent time switch functionality with a solar charger, battery monitor and an adjustable output voltage regulator. The module has an extremely low power consumption in order to enable the longest possible operating times in times of low solar radiation. Due to the universal setup there are a variety of application areas.
Particularly in the field of battery-backed systems, the SmartSolarPower can be used to control wake periods. With its low self-consumption of only 590μA, the SmartSolarPower enables the use of significantly higher power devices (e.g. RaspberryPi) in battery-based systems.

Further information can be found in the data sheet.

  • Time switch module with adjustable voltage regulator
  • Supply voltage inputs: 6V/9V/12V/18V/24V (Solar), 5V (USB)
  • Switching capacity: 4A
  • Current consumption: 590μA (sleep phase)
  • Infinitely adjustable time intervals: 0.5s to 65000 years
  • Timer accuracy: 1% (typ.)
  • Accumulator: LiPo/LiFe with PH2.0 connector
  • Adjustable output voltage: 1.8V, 3.3V or 5V
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 64mm x 20mm
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